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Mr. Prime Rib - Proud Member


777 Barrydowne Road Sudbury, ON P3A 3T6



George, Helen & Sam welcome you to Mr. Prime Rib, Northern Ontario”s Premier Beef House. Locally owned and operated since 1967

Restaurant Classification:

Fine Dining


Certified Angus Beef restaurant

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Mr. Prime Rib

SHARE Spotlight Series

S.H.A.R.E Spotlight Series dives into the background of how our talented members got their start in the industry and what inspires them to create such unique and delicious menus.

Featuring: Sam Roumanes, Owner

Why did you choose a career in the food and hospitality industry?

I was born into the restaurant industry by my parents and uncle and aunt owning U&I and later changed to Mr Prime Rib from 1967, so my whole life revolved around the food industry in some way shape or form. It just came naturally to me to either work for my parents and later with them in the ownership of Mr prime rib.

What’s your favourite thing about owning a restaurant?

Having been raised in the restaurant business and always being self employed allows you the freedom to control the path and direction you would like the business to be. With it comes lots of pressure and stress but the rewards are worth the time and effort.

What does food mean to you?

Food means everything to me. From growing up in a Greek household and owning your own restaurant, food was something I was surrounded by my whole life. I love the passion that goes into creating and preparing foods that you hopefully have your customers appreciate and enjoy. The bottom line is that the customer enjoys the results that you have put into making the food an exceptional experience.

What menu item are you most proud to serve?

Without question, Prime Rib. Our name and business revolve around entirely. We take pride in sourcing out Angus only product for our Prime Rib so as to give the patron the best we have to offer. As an independent operator we sell the most prime Rib in Northern Ontario. That in itself says we must be doing a good job.

What was your first position in a restaurant?

It was actually at U&I restaurant as a dishwasher when I was 9 years old. In those days we were open for breakfast as well and I would work weekend mornings with my father preparing breakfast and doing the dishes which because of my height, I had to use a milk crate to stand on to reach the dishwasher.